IFCC di Tamansari Batik Festival 2019 Bandung

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IFCC akan hadir di Bandung, lho!

Tepatnya di pameran TAMANSARI BATIK FESTIVAL, yang berlokasi di Graha Manggala Siliwangi, Jl. Aceh No. 66, Bandung.

IFCC akan hadir mulai tanggal 18 Desember 2019 sampai hari Minggu, tanggal 22 Desember 2019.

Hayu kunjungi booth kami di stand nomor 77!
Sampai bertemu!

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Skema Sertifikasi Hutan Masyarakat Lestari IFCC



PEFC Endorsement for IFCC Community Forest Scheme.jpg

Pertengahan tahun 2019, IFCC telah memperoleh endorsement dari PEFC Internasional untuk standar sertifikasi Pengelolaan Hutan Masyarakat Lestari (PHML).

Dalam acara PEFC General Assembly 2019 yang merupakan rangkaian acara PEFC Forest Certification Week 2019, IFCC menerima certificate of endorsement atas skema sertifikasi PHML IFCC (secara simbolik).

Persyaratan-persyaratan sertifikasi PHML IFCC, yang merupakan bagian yang tidak terpisahkan dari dokumen IFCC ST 1001 [Annex 4, IFCC ST 1001 (Amandemen 1)], ditujukan untuk pengelolaan hutan oleh masyarakat. Hal ini tercermin dari tingkat keterlibatan masyarakat dalam pengambilan keputusan.

Dengan telah diperolehnya endorsement dari PEFC ini, IFCC mendorong PHML beserta industri-industri yang menggunakan bahan baku dari hutan yang dikelola oleh masyarakat untuk:
• Mengelola hutan secara lestari.
• Menjalankan industri perkayuan kecil & menengah secara berkelanjutan.
• Mengantarkan mereka pada akses terhadap pasar.

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IFCC Photo Contest 2019: Exposing Fabulous Synergy between the Art of Photography and the Pride towards Indonesian Forestry

Do you ever imagine if the world has no forest? Do you ever imagine if there is no water and oxygen since there is no forest in the world?

Thus, forest is essential thing in the world. To picture how useful forest is, PEFC sees that photography is one of the ways to deal with.

This year is the 3rd year for PEFC in conducting their annual PEFC Photo Contest. IFCC excitedly participated by holding its national photo contest, IFCC Photo Contest 2019, with the theme "Explore Indonesian Forest with IFCC 2019”. This year’s IFCC Photo Contest was held starting on 22nd April 2019 (Earth Day) until 5th June 2019 (World Environment Day) which attract of more than 1000 people to submit their best photography masterpieces.  At the end of the photo contest, IFCC received 1486 photos.

The judges worked hardly in selecting those 1486 photos.  One of the judges, Andrew Suryono, expressed his impression about this photo competition, “Forest is the symbol of Indonesia. Producing photos that tell stories about forest is not easy, even for professional photographers. I am quite impressed with the photos I looked at the IFCC Photo Contest 2019. Overall, the photo quality of the winners is excellent and relevant with the theme of this photo contest. The judging process was very challenging due to the huge number of the photo entry. I congratulate to all winners! Hopefully, through your photos, we can express the symbol of Indonesia positively in the international level.”

Finally, a day before the winner announcement date, the judges decided the 5 winners of the IFCC Photo Contest 2019. They are profiled at the page attached to this article.

The winners of the IFCC Photo Contest 2019 were competed again in the PEFC International Photo Contest 2019. Indonesian photographers have delivered tremendous achievement since 2017 in the PEFC Photo Contest. Starting in 2017, one of IFCC Photo Contest winners was chosen as the top 12 of the  PEFC international photo contest. In 2018, not only one but two of IFCC Photo Contest winners  were selected as the top 12 of PEFC international photo contests. This year, Indonesia has repeated the success story since their two winners of IFCC Photo Contest was chosen as the contestant whose photos included in the top 12 best photo of PEFC international photo contest.


Photo credit: PEFC International

The Winners


Photo of 1st winner: “Best Friend of Nature”

A photo titled "Best Friend of Nature" located in Gunung Leuser National Park, Tangkahan, North Sumatra has brought Sofyan successfully as the 1st winner at the IFCC Photo Contest 2019. The photo of the Sumatran Elephant (Elephas maximus Sumatranus) that he took is one of the Asian elephant sub-species found only on Sumatra Island. The elephants are trained to help secure the forest from various threats of illegal logging practices carried out by illegal loggers.

Sofyan has been doing the photography activities for 19 years. It was started when he joined the photography student activity club during his time in a college. During his career in photography, Sofyan has made several achievements, including becoming the 1st winner in the public works infrastructure photo competition and the 2nd winner in the Xiaomi Photography International Photo Competition.

By believing a life motto "Always Thankful", Sofyan expects to remain exploring his original ideas in innovating his photography works in the future.


Photo of 2nd winner: “The Lush of Ecotourism Forest and the Crystal Clear of “Grojogan Sewu”

“Nature can always synergize whatever is in it properly, even without human intervention. As we can see in this photo, when the natural balance is well preserved, then we can enjoy its beauty and benefits. Waterfalls that come from clear springs in the forest will not look beautiful and clean without the lush of forest cover which helps maintain their freshness. Likewise, the forests will not be able to grow densely without the natural spring that flows it.

And from all of that, eventually, the nature gives the forests selflessly to us for making the best use of it in the form of clean water source and recreational, educational and tourism benefits. Our job is not to interfere the synergy and balance of nature, but simply by keeping it away from illegal logging and polluting the spring sources, so that our future generations will also enjoy the benefit of forests.” said Kurniawan Doni Wibowo who is usually called Doni, describing the photo he took at Grojogan Sewu, Tawangmangu, Karanganyar, Central Java Province, Indonesia.

Doni has 10 years experience in photography. In recent years, he has achieved several photography achievements, including being the Runner up of the Sony SEA 2019 Photo Contest and the 3rd winner in the 2018 National Awakening Museum Photo Contest.

After becoming the 2nd winner of the IFCC Photo Contest 2019, he expects that his photography masterpiece can inspire the Indonesian people to be more aware towards the environment. Further, it will remind us to always preserve the wonderfulness of the forest resources in Indonesia that enrich this archipelago and natural springs as well as everything contained therein, so that the nickname of Indonesia as the Equator Emerald, it will be timeless. He hopes that this photo will represent the voice of Indonesia to inspire the international community to better maintain the sustainability of forests in any hemisphere as the lungs of the world so that it can be enjoyed by the next generation of all humans everywhere.


Photo of 3rd winner: "Sunset In the Western Horizon"

The photo captured by Ahmad Fadli in Biringkaya Sub-district, Bulurokeng Sub-District, Makassar City, is titled "Sunset in the western horizon". This photo has successfully brought Ahmad Fadli as the 3rd winner of the IFCC Photo Contest 2019. He described his photo as a natural phenomenon of the sun, which has its own beauty.

Ahmad is a college student whose hobby is photography. He has 5 years experience in doing photography works. He excitedly participated the IFCC Photo Contest 2019 to showcase his beautiful best photo work. By embracing the life motto "hard work and continue to be creative", he expects that becoming the winner of the IFCC Photo Contest 2019 will encourage him to be more passionate in producing better photo works and become a famous photographer.


Photo of 4th winner: "Green Forest and Beautiful Sunrise"

With a photo titled "Green forest and beautiful sunrise", Roni Atmoko won the 4th place in the IFCC Photo Contest 2019. "This is a photo of waterfall surrounded by green forests that are still natural and preserved. I took the sunrise around 06:41 Western Indonesia Time." said Roni, describing the photo he took at Tumpak Sewu Waterfall, Lumajang, East Java.Pehobi fotografi landscape & travelling ini mengungkapkan bahwa tujuan untuk mengikuti IFCC Photo Contest 2019 ini adalah untuk mengukur pencapaian diri dalam agenda lomba foto alam yang berkualitas baik skala nasional maupun internasional. Ia mengaku telah menggeluti fotografi selama 4 tahun, sejak tahun 2015.

This landscape & traveling photography hobbyist revealed that the aim to take part in the IFCC Photo Contest 2019 was to measure his achievement in the agenda of good quality of nature photo competitions both nationally and internationally. He admitted that he has been 4 years in experiencing the photography.

The owner of the life motto "Today is better than yesterday" has achieved various achievements in photography in recent years. Some of his achievements are the favorite champion of Haida Filter International in 2018, joining the 2019 Haida Filter Indonesia Team, the second winner in the 2019 Disporapar Event for landscape category in Central Java, and one of the winners in the 2019 Himafest Bali national photo contest.

Roni expects that after becoming the 4th Winner of the IFCC Photo Contest 2019, he is still be able to continue working and promoting the natural wonderfulness of Indonesian forest.


Photo of 5th winner: "Collecting the Resin Gum"

“One of the residents collects the resin gum in “repong damar” near the South Bukit Barisan National Park areas in Lampung Province. To collect the resin gum, the collectors are equipped with “alit” (a type of rattan rope to uphold their bodies when climbing the trees), ships and containers to put the resin.” said Edy Susanto, the 5th winner of the IFCC Photo Contest 2019, explained the description of the photo he took at the Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park Repong Damar, Lampung.

Edy is a freelance photographer whose hobby is photography and hiking. He has been engaged in the world of photography for more than 10 years.

After becoming the 5th winner of the IFCC Photo Contest 2019, Edy hopes to continue working on photography and his work to be accepted in the wider community.

About Andrew Suryono

A little review of this IFCC Photo Contest 2019 jury, he firstly won a big international award: 1st winner in the World Photography Organization photo competition, the biggest photography competition in the world. Moreover, he won many other awards where lots of his photos have been exhibited in the museums and galleries in more than 15 countries. Further, he has also worked with many large companies in the world including National Geographic. In 2018, he was awarded as the first Indonesian photographer whose picture was successfully displayed in the prestigious National Geographic Fine Art gallery in America.

Ekonom senior Dradjad Wibowo terpilih secara aklamasi menjadi anggota dewan Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC), sehingga memperkuat posisi lobi Indonesia di dalam organisasi sertifikasi hutan yang beranggotakan 52 negara.

Bisnis.com, JAKARTA - Ekonom senior Dradjad Wibowo terpilih secara aklamasi menjadi anggota dewan Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC), sehingga memperkuat posisi lobi Indonesia di dalam organisasi sertifikasi hutan yang beranggotakan 52 negara. 

Menurut Dradjad yang kini menjabat sebagai Ketua Umum IFCC (Indonesian Forestry Certification Cooperation), anggota organisasi itu terdiri dari  puluhan perusahaan serta organisasi dunia, dan IFCC merupakan wakil Indonesia untuk PEFC.

Dradjad menjelaskan, sertifikat IFCC/PEFC terbukti sangat membantu pelaku hutan tanaman industri (HTI) dan olahannya, terutama kertas dan bubur kertas.

Politisi Partai Amanat Nasional (PAN) itu mengatakan bahwa sekarang organisasi dunia tersebut telah mengakui kalau HTI Indonesia dikelola secara lestari. 

“Apalagi, saat puncak kebakaran hutan pada 2019. Dari konsesi HTI seluas empat juta hektare yang bersertifikat, hanya 2-3 persen saja yang terbakar.  Itu pun sebagiannya adalah areal yang dipakai pihak lain,” katanya dalam keterangannya kepada wartawan, Kamis (14/11/2019).

Pemilihan anggta Dewan PEFC itu berlangsung di Benteng Muleinberg, Wurburg, Jerman kemarin waktu setempat.

PEFC merupakan skema sertifikasi hutan terbesar di dunia. Per Maret 2019 terdapat 311 juta hektare hutan yang bersertifikat PEFC dan melibatkan lebih dari 750 ribu pemilik hutan. Sedangkan, di sektor hilirnya, terdapat lebih dari 11500 perusahaan yang memakai sertifikat PEFC termasuk raksasa dunia seperti Walmart, Tesco, Zara dan sebagainya. 

Kertas dan bubur kertas Indonesia sempat diboikot pembeli dunia sejak 2008/2009. Akan tetapi setelah bersertifikat, nilai ekspornya naik US$1 miliar lebih pada tahun 2017. 

“Hutan lestari itu perlu komitmen dan kerja yang luar biasa dari pelaku kehutanan Indonesia. Kita sempat dicap ‘penyakitan’ dan ‘harus dijauhi”. Tapi, sekarang pelaku hutan lestari dunia mengakui kita,” kata Dradjad.

Dradjad berharap lebih banyak lagi pelaku sektor hilir Indonesia yang terlibat dalam hutan lestari. Baik dari industri, jasa, perbankan, ritel hingga disainer fesyen dan konsumen. 

“Saat ini banyak pihak yang belum terlibat dalam hutan lestari. Padahal, hutan lestari bermanfaat bukan hanya bagi ekspor atau lapangan kerja saja. Tapi juga bagi nama baik Indonesia, dan masa depan anak-cucu. Itu salah satu alasan saya menjadi Dewan PEFC,” kata Dradjad.

Selamat, Dradjad Wibowo Terpilih Jadi Board Member PEFC

Selamat, Dradjad Wibowo Terpilih Jadi Board Member PEFC - JPNN.COM

jpnn.comJAKARTA - Ekonom Dradjad H Wibowo terpilih untuk duduk di board member Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC), sebuah lembaga internasional nonprofit yang berbasis di Jenewa, Swiss. Dradjad menjadi satu dari tiga anggota baru yang duduk di board member organisasi pendukung kelestarian hutan itu.

Mantan ketua Dewan Informasi Strategis Kebijakan (DISK) Badan Intelijen Negara (BIN) itu bersama dua orang lainnya, Josien Tokeo (Suriname) dan Kurt Ramskogler (Austria) menjadi board member PEFC setelah terpilih dalam sidang majelis umum (general assembly) di Würzburg, Jerman, Rabu (13/11). Kabar itu diunggah ke laman resmi lembaga pimpinan Peter Latham tersebut dengan titel PEFC Board elections 2019.

We are delighted to welcome three new board members (Kami dengan gembira menyambut tiga anggota baru dewan, red): Josien Tokeo (tokoh adat), Kurt Ramskogler dan Dradjad Wibowo,” demikian tertulis di laman PEFC.

Laman itu juga membeber rekam jejak Tokeo, Kurt maupun Dradjad. Tokeo merupakan anggota Organisasi Masyarakat Adat Suriname (IOS). Dia juga memimpin Coordination of The Indigenous Organisations of the Amazon Basin (COICA).

Adapun Kurt merupakan ketua PEFC Austria. Dia juga merupakan anggota Dewan Penasihat Austrian Research Center for Forests (BFW).

Sementara Dradjad adalah chairman sekaligus pendiri Indonesian Forestry Certification Cooperation (IFCC). Pengajar di Institut Perbanas Jakarta itu juga pendiri Sustainable Development Indonesia (SDI).

Selain tiga anggota baru untuk board member, PEFC juga memilih figur untuk posisi vice chair bagi organisasi yang beranggotakan 52 negara itu. Yang terpilih adalah David Ford.

Dradjad yang dihubungi melalui layanan pesan mengatakan, IFCC mewakili Indonesia dalam PEFC. Menurut dia, PEFC merupakan skema sertifikasi hutan terbesar di dunia.

“Per Maret 2019 terdapat 311 juta hektare hutan yang besertifikat PEFC. Ini melibatkan lebih dari 750 ribu pemilik hutan,” sebutnya.

Politikus Partai Amanat Nasional (PAN) itu menambahkan, terdapat lebih dari 11.500 perusahaan yang memakai sertifikat PEFC. “Mereka termasuk raksasa dunia seperti Walmart, Tesco, Zara dan sebagainya," tuturnya.

Lebih lanjut Dradjad mengatakan, sertifikat dari IFCC terbukti sangat membantu pengusaha hutan tanaman industri (HTI) dan industri olahannya seperti kertas dan bubur kertas. Menurutnya, dunia sekarang mengakui HTI di Indonesia dikelola secara lestari.

“Hutan lestari itu perlu komitmen dan kerja yang luar biasa dari pelaku kehutanan Indonesia. Kita sempat dicap penyakitan dan harus dijauhi, tetapi sekarang pelaku hutan lestari dunia mengakui kita,” ujarnya.

source: https://m.jpnn.com/news/selamat-dradjad-wibowo-terpilih-jadi-board-member-pefc