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IFCC certification shall be carried out by third party certification bodies, which are accredited by a national accreditation body which is a member of the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) in order to demonstrate their competence and independence.


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Sustainable Forest Management

Certification Process of IFCC Scheme Sustainable Forest Management :

  1. Management Unit (MU) who will propose for certification should ensure that the forest management is conducted in accordance with IFCC standards.
  2. When MU is ready to be certified, MU may contact Certification Body (CB) which has accredited by Accreditation Body (IAF member) in accordance with IFCC standards.

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Chain of Custody

Chain of Custody certification is a tracking mechanism that is used to ensure the wood material to a product derived from certified forests. Tracking is carried out along the supply chain, which forest the wood is originated until the wood is processed into finished goods.

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Certification Body

Certification Body is an independent third-parties, which assesses and certifies other bodies based forest certification scheme developed by IFCC.

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Logo Use

The IFCC and PEFC logo / label provide information relating to the origin of forest based product in sustainably managed forest, recycled and other non-controversial sources. Purchasers and potential purchasers can use this information in choosing the product based on environmental, as well as other considerations.

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Complains and Appeals

Forest certification provides customers and consumers with confidence that the product with IFCC claim and/or label originates in sustainably managed forests. This confidence is based on clearly defined requirements for sustainable forestmanagement and third party impartial assessment of the operators’ compliance with the requirements.

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