The IFCC Board of Directors established IFCC Secretariat to carry out IFCC’s day-to-day activities. The IFCC Secretariat is led by the IFCC Executive Director who is responsible to the IFCC Board of Directors. The IFCC Executive Director can be appointed and be terminated at any time by the Board of Directors. By taking into account the direction of IFCC Board of Directors, the IFCC Executive Director can appoint division staff at the Secretariat by issuing a decree of the Secretariat. Further provisions regarding the IFCC Secretariat including those concerning the work areas of the Secretariat are stipulated by a decree of the IFCC Board of Directors. Information about the definition of Secretariat is sourced from the Article 21 of IFCC Bylaw.

Documentation :

Bylaw of IFCC

Executive Director


Zulfandi Lubis is experienced in media and public relations specializing in crisis communication for 11 years (1995-2008), including being a consultant for Bank Central Indonesia for 7 years. Thereafter, Zulfandi became a Director in several companies, including Sustainable Development Indonesia (SDI), PT. KIBO MULTI KREASI, and Indonesian Forestry Certification Cooperation (IFCC). He has been actively involved in forestry certification as the IFCC Executive Director since 2011.




Zulfandi Lubis

Executive Director


Finance & Administration

pak supri.png                                                                                     zahra.jpg                                                                    Supriyadi                                                                                                       Zahrah Lathifah

Manager of Finance & Administration                                                             Finance & Administration Officer,

                                                                                                                        also assists Marketing & Communication



bu heny.jpg


Manager of Technical Unit


Promotion, Marketing, & Communication  

bu ragita.jpg                                                                                     mba nisa.jpg

Ragita Wirastri                                                                                             Annisa M. Ummah
Manager of Promotion,                                                                                  Marketing & Communication Officer
Marketing, & Communication