Two Indonesian Photographers Went to the Top 12 of PEFC International Photo Contest!

In the 4 th year joining the PEFC Photo Contest with holding a national level photo contest, IFCC managed to collect more than 1500 photos capturing the beauty of Indonesian forest. Every year, the winners of IFCC Photo Contest are competed again in the PEFC International Photo Contest. Indonesian photographers have delivered tremendous achievement since 2017 in the PEFC Photo Contest. Starting 2017, one of IFCC Photo Contest winners was chosen as the top 12 of the PEFC International Photo Contest. In 2018 and 2019, not only one but two of IFCC Photo Contest winners were selected as the top 12 of PEFC International Photo Contests.

This year, Indonesia has repeated the success story. And yes, two out of five IFCC Photo Contest 2020 winners are successfully secured two spots for the next round that chosen by the international jury as the top 12 best photo of PEFC International Photo Contest 2020. Those photos are the masterpieces of Ismail Abd Muttalib with the title The Beauty of Walakiri Beach and Chairil with the title Morning Activity. These are the wonderful photos that selected by PEFC!



Ismail Abd Muthalib is the 1 st winner while Chairil is the 4 th winner of IFCC Photo Contest 2020. Both of them shared their thought about how forest inspires them to take their winning photo.

Ismail Abd Muthalib:
“For me, a good photo has to give some magical sensation and giving imagination beyond our senses. My photo masterpiece is about forest ecosystem which is pictured by some connected living things and it is always been interesting for me in all perspective. In 2019, the Indonesian forest area is 94,1 million hectares or 50.1% of total land area and Indonesia has become one of the lungs of the earth. So, I hope my photo can give some inspiration to all about the importance to develop and maintain forest preservation.”

“Forest is an area of life for all types of living things, all life starts from the forest. My personal feelings about forests today are very worried, especially in Indonesia because the number of forests is decreasing very fast. We used to be rich in forests, now we are starting a crisis over forest land. Hopefully this t will be resolved quickly. But apart from that, I am very grateful to be in the areas that still have many forests which can be immortalized through photography work. One of which is the forest on Mount Gede Pangrango which has a lake we call it Situ Gunung. This lake really provides an extraordinary view when we are here in the morning. So I made the picture of it. With this photo I can show how beautiful the natural atmosphere is here.”

Both Ismail and Chairil have same passion toward photography and have concern about our forest. Their passions are the reason why now we can see these photos. Congratulations and thank you to both winners for such amazing photos and achievements for Indonesia!

IFCC Photo Contest 2020: Exploring the Beauty of Indonesian Forest Virtually Through Lens

Forest is a very important natural resource that we must protect so that living things in and around the forest can continue to breathe fresh and clean air. Not only that, forest also produces various materials that can be used by other living things. Apart from having various benefits, forest also has fabulous beauty. Enjoying the beauty of the forest by exploring it directly is indeed very interesting and fun, but since in 2020 the world is being hit by the global pandemic of COVID-19, then the exploration of the forest beauty can be done by utilizing the technological sophistication. Yes, for the time being we are enjoying the beauty of the forest in a virtual way, by seeing the photographers’ masterpiece through their lens captures.

In 2020, PEFC was holding their 4th PEFC Photo Contest. As do not want to be left behind, IFCC also participated by holding it nationally, known as the IFCC Photo Contest 2020. "Forest Through Lens with IFCC" is the theme of the IFCC Photo Contest in 2020. Just like previous years, this photo contest was started on the World Earth Day, 22 nd April 2020 and was closed on the World Environment Day, 5 th June 2020. The IFCC photo contest was held to tell people about the beauty of Indonesia's forest and build a higher level of community attention and concern for forest and everything in them. This year IFCC received 1,517 photos, which is higher number than last year. Lots of photographers have managed to capture the beauty of Indonesia's forests very nicely!

From west to east, from Sumatra to Papua, it is no longer impossible for all of us to see the beauty of Indonesia's forests. Thank you to all of the contestants who have participated in this photo contest by being willing to show their masterpieces to the public so that we can enjoy the beauty without having to leave our house. After going through a rigorous judgement and a long process, the judges finally succeeded choosing the best 5 photos as the winners of the IFCC Photo Contest 2020. Below are the masterpieces of the winners and their respective profiles!

The Winners


Photo of 1 st Winner: The beauty of Walakiri Beach

This photo was taken by Ismail Abd. Muttalib, the 1 st winner of IFCC Photo Contest 2020. This photo was taken by Ismail Abd. Muttalib, the 1 st winner of IFCC Photo Contest 2020. He captured the beauty of mangrove trees located in Walakiri beach, East Nusa Tenggara. According to Ismail, the mangrove trees that grow on this beach are unique because the mangrove branches that are not straight tend to twist, like a dancing tree. This tree, known as the dancing tree, will be seen when the sea water is receding.

Ismail has been doing photography for 5 years. He has also won several photography competitions, including 1 st place in the Aerial Photo Competition (2017), 3 rd place in the World Habitat Day Photo Contest (2017), and winner of the Indonesian Colorful Photo Competition (2018). Ismail participated in the IFCC Photo Contest 2020 to gain more experience in photography so that he can work more in the world of photography, and become a winner in international contests. He also hopes that his work can inspire everyone about the importance of preserving forests.


Photo of 2 nd Winner: The Beauty of Waerebo Tropical Forest

“Waerebo is a small village located about 1,100 meters above sea level, where the air is really cold and the village is surrounded by beautiful mountains and Todo dense forests. This tropical forest is rich in vegetation, where you will find orchids, ferns and hear the chirping of many kinds of birds." That's what Sofyan Efendi said, describing the photo he took in Waerebo village, Manggarai, Flores, East Nusa Tenggara.

Sofyan has been a photographer for 20 years. By participating in this photo contest, Sofyan wants to show the natural beauty including forest in Indonesia including its biodiversity to the public. Sofyan has been actively following IFCC's growth through his participation in the IFCC photo contest since 2018. The good fortune was upon him in the last two years since at the IFCC Photo Contest 2019, Sofyan was selected as the 1 st winner and this year Sofyan has successfully achieved the top 5 again by winning 2 ndplace at the IFCC Photo Contest 2020.


Photo of 3 rd Winner: Kedung Kayang Waterfall

Kedung Kayang Waterfall which is located in Mount Merapi National Park (Wonolelo Village, Sawangan, Magelang, Central Java) was captured by Ady Agustian, the 3 rd winner of the IFCC Photo Contest 2020. Ady said that the use of Kedung Kayang waterfall as a tourist spot had received permission from the local Perhutani with the aim of improving the economy of the community around the waterfall while the local communities are obliged to protect the environment and the existing natural resources. 

The beauty of Kedung Kayang waterfall can be enjoyed both from the top of the waterfall and from under the waterfall. Ady said that to enjoy the beauty of the waterfall, it requires a journey of about 30 minutes along the Pabelan river basin which is quite challenging so it is better not to do it during the rainy season as it is dangerous.

Ady has been a photographer for 17 years. He started photography, which has become his hobby since 2003. One of Ady's goals to participate in this photo contest is to channel his hobby of photography. He hopes that this kind of contest shall be maintained in the future in order to encourage people to grow a sense of love for nature.


Photo of 4 th Winner: Morning Activity

This photo was taken by Chairil, the 4 th winner of the IFCC Photo Contest 2020. Chairil has been a photographer for 11 years. He is very grateful to live in an area that still has many forests that can be captured in photographs. One of them is the forest in Mount Gede Pangrango National Park, Sukabumi, West Java, which has a lake named Situ Gunung. This lake provides a great view in the morning, as in the photo he took.

The natural beauty of Situ Gunung is well known to foreign countries. Some foreign tourists, especially photographers, can sometimes come to that place where they take part in capturing the beauty of the morning atmosphere at Situ Gunung. According to Chairil, if we want to capture the natural beauty of Situ Gunung, you should come in the morning between 06:00 and 09:00 WIB. The atmosphere that is harmonious between nature and the activities of residents who are looking for fish in this location is very beautiful moment to be captured.

By participating in this photo contest, Chairil felt very happy because he could show the natural beauty of Indonesia through the photos he took. He hopes that this photo contest will be the way for PEFC and IFCC to grow a sense of care and love for forests to the community.


Photo of 5 th Winner: Dancing Mangrove in Walakiri

This photo showing the beauty of mangrove trees dancing in Walakiri amidst a beautiful sunset has succeeded in bringing Giri Wijayanto to become the 5 th winner of the IFCC Photo Contest 2020. Mangrove trees on Walakiri Beach, East Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara are endemic to Sumba Island. Its unique shape resembles a silhouette of a dancing person making the local community call it "Dancing Mangrove".

Through this photo contest, Giri wants to spread information about the beauty of the natural environment in Indonesia so that public will recognize it more and then love and care for it. 

Photography has been his hobby for the last 8 years. Giri is very enthusiastic in participating to this photo contest as it has spurred him to explore the natural beauty of Indonesia more and more widely.

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Semoga Makin Banyak Perempuan Pejuang Kelestarian Hutan

Semoga Makin Banyak Perempuan Pejuang Kelestarian Hutan -, JAKARTA - Kalangan perempuan diharapkan terus meningkatkan peran dalam mendorong upaya melestarikan hutan. Upaya itu tidak hanya di lapangan, tetapi juga pada pengambilan keputusan dan mendorong konsumsi produk hasil hutan yang telah tersertifikasi.

Hal itu mengerucut dalam web seminar (webinar) yang diselenggarakan Srikandi Hutan Lestari, Kamis (16/7). Adapun tema webinar itu adalah Peran Perempuan Dalam Pengelolaan Hutan Lestari di Tengah Pandemi Covid-19.

Direktur Inventarisasi dan Pemantauan Sumber Daya Hutan Kementerian LHK Belinda A Margono yang menjadi pembicara pertama dalam webinar itu mengatakan, perempuan punya aspek sangat strategis. Namun, selama ini pengurusan hutan terutama aktivitas fisik dan lapangan telanjur dianggap sebagai dunia para pria.

“Ada pembagian kerja berbasis gender yang menempatkan perempuan di posisi lebih rendah,” ujar Belinda

Selain itu, Belinda juga menyoroti peran penting perempuan dalam upaya melestarikan hutan yang ternyata kurang dikenal oleh masyarakat. “Sebenarnya kalangan perempuan telah berkontribusi nyata baik ekonomi ataupun ekologi, tetapi kurang direkognisi atau dikenali,” tuturnya. Meski demikian, Belinda membanggakan kementerian yang menaunginya. Saat ini Kementerian LHK dipimpin oleh perempuan, yakni Siti Nurbaya.

Selain itu, dari 13 eselon I di Kementerian LHK paling tidak 30 persen ditempati perempuan. Semisal posisi Dirjen Planologi, Dirjen Urusan Sampah, Limbah dan B3, serta Dirjen Perubahan Iklim. “Dari 79 eselon II di Kementerian LHK, ada 21 yang wanita,” sebut Belinda. “Pada masa lalu perempuan ketika didudukkan pada pengambilan keputusan biasanya pada posisi biro kepegawaian keuangan, tetapi kami di sektor kehutanan ini pada posisi-posisi teknis dan terkait lapangan.”

Saat ini, KLHK juga memiliki tiga wanita pilot untuk pesawat microlight trike. “Di level internasional, negosiator justru banyak wanitanya,” katanya.

Oleh karena itu Belinda menegaskan, sebaiknya upaya mendorong peran perempuan dalam upaya melestarikan hutan tidak hanya difokuskan pada warga yang tinggal sekitar rimba. Menurutnya, harus ada pengakuan sekaligus pemberian akses kepada perempuan atas sumber daya dan peningkatan kapasitas. “Yang harus dilihat adalah peran utama wanita sebagai pendidik dari anak kita, mendidik mencintai tanah air dan lingkungan,” katanya. Pembicara lainnya, Sekretaris Umum Indonesian Forestry Certification Cooperation (IFFC) Saniah Widuri mengharapkan pandemi Covid-19 tidak menyurutkan upaya menjaga kelestarian hutan di Indonesia.

Saniah mendorong masyarakat terutama kalangan perempuan mengonsumsi produk berlabel hutan lestari berlogi IFFC dan Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC). Menurutnya, langkah itu juga sebagai upaya membantu masyarakat sekitar hutan menjalankan kehidupan mereka. "Saat ini sudah ada 73 perusahaan dengan luas empat juta hektar yang besertifikat IFCC/PEFC. Ini ditambah 38 industri hasil hutan," ujarnya. Adapun Ketua Umum Srikandi Hutan Lestari Jana Sjamsiah menyatakan, upaya mendorong sertifikasi hasil hutan harus digencarkan. “Perusahaan yang mau menyertifikasi ini berarti kita asumsikan mau menjaga ekosistem dan keberlangsungan hidup umat manusia,” katanya. Menurutnya, perlu ada edukasi bagi konsumen tentang pentingnya membeli produk-produk besertifikasi ramah lingkungan. “Ini penting,” katanya.