General Assembly

Based on IFCC Bylaw Article 24 and IFCC Statute Article 8-12, General Meeting of Members (hereinafter referred GMM) is defined as follows :

GMM shall be the paramount authority in the Association. GMM must be held once in 4 (four) years, soonest on July 1st no later than August 26th in the year which a period of stewardship ends. Participants of GMM is a member who has voting rights that are valid at the time of the convening of GMM.

GMM could be attended by Guest and or Observer, with proviso :

  1. Proposed by IFCC Member who has voting rights that are valid at the time of the convening of GMM.
  2. The proposal of IFCC Member has approved by the Board of Directors.
  3. Have experience or special skills that are beneficial to the IFCC.

In terms of particular needs with agenda :

  1. Legitimation and establishment Certification Scheme or Certification Scheme revision, and or
  2. Legitimation and establishment new member, specialized GMM (hereinafter referred SGMM) could be conducted at most 1 time in 1 calendar year.

If it is deemed urgent and unavoidable to achieve the Objectives of IFCC, GMM Extraordinary (hereinafter referred GMME) could be held any time when officially proposed in writing by at least 2/3 (two-thirds) of Member’s valid votes, include at least 2/3 (two-thirds) of Founding Member, provided there is no GMME during the first period of stewardship.

GMM has authorities and responsible for :

  1. Electing, assigning, and or terminating the Supervisor and or the Chairman of Board of Executive of the Association.
  2. Formulating and determining the outline of the Association’s programs.
  3. Validating or terminating members of the Association.
  4. Discussing and validating an amendment to the Articles of Association or Bylaw of the Association.
  5. Discussing and approving the annual report of the Board of Executive comprising Activity Reports and the relevant fiscal year audited Financial Statements of the Association.
  6. Requesting for responsibilities of the Board of Executive of the Association.
  7. Cancelling in its entirety, partially, preparing amendments and or correction, to the subordinate Meetings.

Disciplines of GMM or GMME that must be obeyed by all GMM or GMME participants agreed in advance. Once the disciplines agreed, GMM or GMME agreeing Agenda of GMM or GMME compiled in accordance with Authority of GMM or GMME.

Election of Chairman in GMM or GMME conducted by deliberation and consensus. If deliberation and consensus could not be reached, Chairman candidate with the most votes of at least 50.1 (fifty point one) percent of the valid votes of the Members present designated as Chairman, provided there is no refusal from at least 2/3 (two-thirds) of Founding Members’s valid votes. In terms of a Chairman candidate get at least 2/3 (two-thirds) of valid votes from the members present, the Chairman candidate directly designated as Chairman.



IFCC Statute (amendment)

IFCC Bylaw