National Forest Certification Approaches Trigger Interest @ Forests Asia Summit

There is a strong interest in learning more about PEFC’s unique bottom-up approach to forest certification and the benefits it offers to promoting sustainable forest management in Asian countries,” reported Sarah Price, Head of Project and Development at PEFC International, from the Forests Asia Summit in Jakarta, which was opened today. “Participants are especially interested to learn about Indonesia's new forest certification system (IFCC) and when they can anticipate PEFC-recognized, certified forests in Indonesia.”

The Forest Asia Summit, which opened its doors earlier today, is the largest in Asia in recent years and has attracted more than 2000 stakeholders from Southeast Asia and across the world. Ministers from across Southeast Asia join CEOs, civil society leaders, development experts and the world’s top scientists to share knowledge on how the region can accelerate the shift toward a green economy by better managing its forests and landscapes.

PEFC, the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification, is on hand at the Summit to provide comprehensive information about how forest certification can contribute towards this shift towards a green economy. Asia is a key focus of PEFC activities, which recognizes the critical role of forests in the region. The organization held its successful PEFC Forest Certification Week in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, six month ago, and is seeing an increasing interest by countries wanting to join Malaysia and China in developing PEFC-aligned national forest certification systems.


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